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The fares you see when booking with Finnair on our website or over the phone are guaranteed for 24 hours. If you cancel your Finnair airlines Flight Change booking seven days or more before the scheduled departure date, you will not be charged any prepayment fee. You must cancel your Finnair flight change booking before the scheduled departure season of the first flight that will not be used. You can cancel your flight on the Finnair website or by contacting Finnair Customer Service. Additionally, you can apply for a discount by completing the online discount application procedure on the Finnair website. Finnair allows you to change the time, date or destination of your flight. Either way, Finnair recommends looking at the ticket type and price. This is the situation to ensure that you are qualified to make changes. If your ticket type allows it, you can change the date or, in some cases, the season of your flight via Manage your booking.

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